Learning from mistakes notes


Plantagenet   プランタジ(ェ)ネット家[朝]。1154年から1485年までイギリスを支配した王家。排出した王は順に、ヘンリー2世、リチャード1世、ジョン、ヘンリー3世、エドワード1世~3世、リチャード2世、ヘンリー4世~6世、エドワード4世~5世、エドワード4世~5世、リチャード3世。創始者はヘンリー2世の父、アンジュ伯のジョフリー・プランタジネットで、王家の名前はここから来ている。


1. What was the name of the Civil War that happened after the Hundred Years’ War?

2. Who fought in this Civil War?

3. How long did the Plantagenet dynasty rule England?

4. What was the name of the final battle of this Civil War?

5. What did Winston Churchill suggest about the Plantagenets?

6. What was one good result from King John’s bad rule?

7. What was Magna Carta?

8. What is one effect of Edward I (Longshanks) rule in the Celtic countries?

9. In what way was war with Wales a bad idea?

10. In what way did the Peasants’ Revolt result from bad Plantagenet policies?

11. What kind of people spoke English under the Plantagenet before the Peasants’ Revolt?

12. In what way did cruel Plantagenet policies help the development of the English language?

13. Why did the Peasants’ Revolt shock the leaders of England so much?

14. Do you think war can sometimes be a good thing?




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